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TYR Women's Avictor Prelude Closed Back Kneeskin Tech Suit Swimsuit

TYR Women's Avictor Prelude Closed Back Kneeskin Tech Suit Swimsuit Reviews

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3.5 star rating (6 Reviews)

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  • 10/20/2015 Competition Suit

    3 Review stars By Scott

    Need to pull suit up as high as possible on legs before pulling up over torso and upper extremities. Check suit out completely. My daughters suit had a hole in the front.


    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 2/12/2018 go to suit

    4 Review stars By swim mom of 3

    Hands down this is my daughters go to suit. Good compression and good all around championship suit. Lasts longer than other suites. It usually takes 20-30 minutes to get into the suit the first time. She is 5''8 and 130 lbs she wears a 28. She has always had problems with gapping a bagging at the hips in the LZR elite suits- she has narrow hips and wide shoulders. Always uses this suit for distance free 1000/1650.

    swim mom of 3
    Billings, MT

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 4/28/2016 Only suit that fits my small frame 55 inch daughter!!

    5 Review stars By Mom of small framed swimmer

    My daughter is 10 yro, has a small frame, weighing only about 57 lbs and 55 inches tall (4' 7"). I bought her this suit (size 20) when she qualified for several events at TAGS (TX Age Group Championship) . She tried on Speedo tech suit size 16 and Arena's Carbon smallest size - neither of which fit properly for a tech suit. The TYR fit perfectly and my daughter loved the design. She did great at the meet and dropped time in most of her events.

    Mom of small framed swimmer

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 12/8/2015 Good suit

    3 Review stars By Brooklyn

    I got this suit for my conference and state meet this November. The first time trying it on and the first time putting it on to wear it was time consuming, but I could tell it fit light it should. (Make sure to keep pulling extra fabric up from the lower legs to get it to sit on your body correctly!) When putting the suit on, DO NOT try to rush and don't try to put it on while you're wet(especially the first time you're wearing it) otherwise it will rip(it happened to me). The closed back makes it a little bit hard to put on. Not having the hole gave me less places to grab and pull up. But after wearing it one time I could tell that it was quite a bit easier to get on. The next day at the meet I felt like water was getting into the stomach area somewhere, most likely from the neck area. By the fourth time using the suit, it was super easy to get on and the more I wore it the more water I felt like was getting in. There was no constriction in the legs while swimming breaststroke either, unlike in other kneeskins. Other than the water getting in, I loved how this suit fit and it stayed true to its size and repelled water well.


    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 2/27/2021 too small

    1 Review stars By Leann Slack

    digging in to my daughter's shoulders

    Leann Slack
    Cape Girardeau, MO

    Fit: Feels too small

  • 2/26/2020 Swimmer

    5 Review stars By Jay

    I would not suggest anyone buy this suit. This suit has let me down twice in the past month. My mother and I were looking around on SwimOutlet, Metro Swim Shop, and our team’s shop for any tech suits that were on sale. We found the TYR avictor prelude on sale for 100 dollars on our team website. I ordered a size 24[OPENBRK]I practice in a size 28[CLOSEBRK]. The packaging came in well- no rips or tears. That weekend I swimming in Athens for Senor States. After warm-up, I gave myself a full hour to dry off before I put the suit on. My sister helped me put on the suit, but we encountered a little trouble when we got to my hips. We were both tugging up slowly a little bit at a time. Though, when I started pulling the right side of the waist area up, the area just below the thick tape ripped. Both my sister and I had filled our nails short the night before, but I left my right thumb alone because it was already short. [OPENBRK]My right thumbnail was what tore the soft part of the suit[CLOSEBRK]. Something that surprised my mom was that on the tag, it said that it was produced in 2015. After my suit ripped I quickly changed into my three-year-old Arena carbon air tech suit and completed my races. My mom promptly returned it[OPENBRK]since we still had the tag[CLOSEBRK]. [OPENBRK]In fact, I highly recommend both Arena and Speedo, but If you’re buying a speedo tech suit then go two to three sizes down from your practice size[CLOSEBRK].
    The second scare was at the high school state championship. Since I didn’t get the suit up all the way and hadn’t had any TYR tech suits prior, I wanted to give the suit a second chance. This time my mom found the suit on Swim Outlet on sale for 200 dollars. So, this time my mom helped me try on the suit a night before the competition. Armed with two plastic bags, my mom and I got the suit on in twenty-three minutes. After surveying it, the suit looked fine. It was, however, extremely tight in the legs while the top was looser. So, the next morning was prelims of high school state. It took a little less time to get the suit on and I swam my two races. While I was taking it off, my mom noticed that there was an almost triangular rip on the back of the suit on the thick tap and stretched about half an inch down. We assumed this was caused by one of my movements on the pool deck[OPENBRK]diving or squatting-I’m not really sure[CLOSEBRK]. Other than that I was extremely careful with my tech suit and I know I didn’t scrape it on the bleachers or on the walls of the warm-up/cool-down pool. My mom noticed that the year that the tech suit was manufactured was also 2015, just like the other suit. She speculates that the ripe age was due to the fact that the model and fabric was old. This is also probably why the suit had such a good sale.
    Seeing that this model has failed me twice, I know that I won’t ever be buying this suit again. To be honest, the legs were outrageously tight and the patterns don’t look good. However, while racing it did hold my figure relatively well. I haven’t tried any other TYR tech suits, but I have heard positive comments about the venzo genesis suit from several tech suits. I personally will be looking to purchase a speedo or more likely arena tech suit for my upcoming primer meet.

    Atlanta, GA


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