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Intro to Water Aerobic Gloves

Water aerobics is one of the many activities that you can do in the pool that helps to burn calories and keep you in shape. With your useful equipment by your side, like underwater weights and buoyancy belts, you might think that's all you need for your aerobic workouts. There's one other vital piece of equipment that you can use to vary your workout and make it the most it can be. Those are water aerobic gloves. These are very similar to fins that you can wear for your feet in that they help make you propel through the water faster. These gloves help you zoom through the water while you're wearing them. We'll go over what water aerobic gloves are and how you can start incorporating them into your workout for added strength benefits.

    What are water aerobic gloves?

    Water aerobic fins are gloves or paddles that you can slip on over your hands that propel you faster through the water. These can be made out of plastic and resemble mini-kickboards with holes in them. The other type of aerobic paddle is a glove that you can wear that has fin like material in between your fingers. The idea of these gloves is to create a wider area on your hands so that your hand can cut through the water. This means that you will be able to pull more water out of the way, which then helps you move more quickly as you are swimming laps. These are very similar to flippers that you can wear on your feet which greatly help you boost through all of your lap swimming. Wearing both flippers and gloves simultaneously is a great way to zip through the water as if it's nothing. (Good, informative paragraph!)

    What are aerobic gloves used for?

    Fins that you can wear on your hands and your feet are best used for strength training and helping you get through the water more quickly. In between aerobicizing sets during your workout class, you can put on these gloves and power through your lap swimming to get back to the aerobics much more rapidly. Gloves are also a great way to train your body to understand how water moves so you can adapt your hand movement in the water. By having a way to freely move through the water, you can appreciate how much the paddles help guide you and help you understand hand placement in the water as well. The paddles are also used to improve your upper body muscles. The trick here is to start gradually. By warming up to using the paddles, you will have less of a chance of injury.

    How and why you should incorporate them into your workout

    Hand paddles are a great tool to add to your arsenal of swim equipment. They shouldn't always be seen as strengthening tools but as teaching tools to improve correct stroke mechanics. For example, in the freestyle stroke, you can use them to concentrate on the following focal points:

  • To feel how to correctly pierce the water with a flat hand during the recovery.
  • To extend all the way to the front with a long and relaxed stroke to drill front quadrant swimming.
  • To feel how to properly anchor the hands in the water and to pull the body above them.
  • With all of these techniques behind you, you'll be able to properly understand just how you can improve your overall swimming and your strokes.

When first starting out with swim paddles try and buy the smaller versions with holes in them. These put less stress on your shoulders and allow a better feel of the water. While you're wearing them, focus on the feel of the water and correct stroke mechanics. You'll be able to understand exactly how you can improve your hand placement when you're entering and leaving the water. Overall, hand paddles are an effective way to improve your swimming.

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2 weeks ago.
I have arthritis in my hands. Would these gloves help to relieve the pain in hands while swimming laps?
2 weeks ago.
Hi Jane! They're tools to improve correct stroke mechanics. Please ask your doctor whether incorporating them into your workout for added strength benefits helps with your arthritis.
Carol Sindelar
4 years ago.
I am considering buying either the TYR aquatic resistance gloves in black or the Speedo aquatic resistance gloves in charcoal with red. I cannot figure out what size to order. I have a medium sized women's hand (and typically order a size women's medium in sport gloves, but I am not sure how this relates to ordering gloves in centimeters.) I have small wrists and want to purchase resistance gloves to help firm my upper arms as I do swimming water aerobics routines. Help please with the correct size to order in each of the two brands I am interested in. Thanks!
4 years ago.
Hi Carol,
Usually a medium women's sport glove will fit approximately a 7"-8" (18-20 cm) circumference hand measuring the palm circumference below your fingers (not including the thumb). Sizing on these gloves works a little different. For example, the TYR gloves are sized by measuring the width of the palm horizontally. The medium will fit a palm width 8.5-9.5cm and the small 7.5-8.5cm. It's possible the small could fit, but it's best to measure yourself. For the Speedo gloves, you would measure the same way horizontally across the palm The Small would fit 8.0 cm, medium 8.5 cm, and large 9.0-9.5cm. Please measure yourself, it's tough to suggest a size without any measurements. I hope this helps!
Penny Berger
4 years ago.
Are any of these gloves flexible enough to allow gripping of hand buoys or noodles while in the water?
4 years ago.
Hi Penny, unfortunately they are not flexible enough.
4 years ago.
I use sporti soft black hand gloves (form-fitting, not hard plastic paddles) all the time, with water barbells as well as in front/back crawl and breaststroke. I love them.
5 years ago.
I have arthritis and starting a arthritis swim class. I would like to know which glove would be right for me to work out in.
5 years ago.
Hi Barbara,
I would suggest either the Sporti Webbed Gloves (Product Code 23809) or the Speedo Aquatic Fitness Gloves (Product Code 2032). These are both are very comfortable and are anti-chafe.
5 years ago.
I am looking into purchasing paddles for our water aerobics program primarily because many with arthritis cannot grip our buoy weights for long periods of time. I am uncertain of what would be best.
1) Looked at your Strokemaker Paddles #1. Am I correct in thinking the green and azure blue would be appropriate for beg-moderately fit seniors? Would this be a good option?
2) I looked at the Sporti Swim Paddles II. Would these be a good size and resistance for seniors?
What would you recommend?
2 years ago.
Did you ever get a suggestion? I have the same problem with the arthritis and am unsure what to purchase.
susan griffin
6 years ago.
What is the size M and L hand lengths in inches on the closed finger water resistance gloves?
6 years ago.
Hi Susan,

Which closed finger water gloves were you looking at? If you can provide either the product code or name of the gloves we would be happy to have it measured for you. We look forward to hearing from you! Have a great day!
6 years ago.
Looking for hand protection from the chlorine in the pool. Is there any such product?
6 years ago.
Hi Toby,

We do have gloves but there really isn't anything out there that prevents water from touching your skin. The gloves will keep most of the water out but not 100%. Below is a link to the swim gloves that we carry. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Have a wonderful day!
6 years ago.
Hi Sandra,

We have both. Most have the open fingers and then theres the closed ones as well. Water will penetrate in even with the closed gloves. Let us know if you have any other questions. Have a wonderful day!
6 years ago.
Are the fingers of these gloves closed, so no water gets in.
6 years ago.
Are these gloves waterproof.
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