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How to Choose Lane Lines

Lane lines often get overlooked in the importance of what you need for your pool or swim team. Choosing a what is the right one can be a stressful thought-- how long should they be? How many lane lines do I need? What size or color should the line be? Whether you're a coach or you want to install lane lines in your own pool, making sure that you buy the right kind is an important decision. This guide will go over what you should be looking out for when you're making your purchase and ways to maintain your lane lines after.

Basics first

Needle threading: Each disc that's attached to the lane line is threaded by a long stainless steel cord that is stretched down the entire length of the pool. It is then attached from one end of the pool to the other to create a lane.

Long Course vs. Short course:

The typical 8 lane 50 meter pool (75' wide) can have the following (inches are approximate):

  • Long Course: 50 meters.
  • Short Course: 25 Yards (U.S.) or 25 meters (U.S. and International).

  • Long Course Season: April - August.
  • Short Course Season: September - March/April.

  • Long course lanes – 8 x 9' wide lanes as the competition set up – this allows for 18 between the outside lanes and side wall/gutter.
  • Short course lanes – 20 x 8' lanes for competition.

  • Long course lanes – 9 x 7'5 wide lanes for senior practices.
  • Short course lanes - 22 x 7' lanes for senior practices.

  • Long course lanes – 10 x 6'3 wide lanes for age group practices and lap swim.
  • Short course lanes – 24 x 6'8 lanes for age group practices and lap swim.

  • Most meets are run in a SC (short course) pool during the SC season and most meets are run in a LC (long course) pool during the LC season.
  • During the SC season you can still find LC meets such as Grand Prix and US Open meets while during the LC season teams that only have a SC pool might host a meet as well.

Ordering correctly

Colors: In a short course pool, the floats will change color at the 15 meter (49 foot) mark. In a long course pool, they will change color at the 25 meter (82 foot) mark. If the floats do not change color for that entire stretch, the distances may be marked by a single float of a different color. Popular options include having alternating colors, such as two colors that your team represents.

Measuring up: Once you reach near the end you have about 15' of one solid color. We recommend having red near the end of the lane so swimmers see the color as a sign of the lane ending.

The typical 8 lane 25 yard pool that is 67' wide can have the following: (inches are approximate)

  • 8 x 8 foot lanes as the standard competition set up – this also allows for 18 between the outside lanes and side wall/gutter.
  • 9 x 7'5 lanes for senior practices.
  • Standard: Alternate colors ever 12.
  • 10 x 6'8 lanes for age group practices and lap swim.

Hot tip: Make sure that you're accounting for backstrokers as well. At the 15 meter mark you're going to have to have 2 discs that are set at 15 meters from the end of the line and must be a completely different color. This assists backstrokers so they know when the lane is about to end.

Maintaining lane lines

  • Roll it up: If you're concerned about your lane lines being damaged from wear and tear from the chlorine, invest in getting a lane roller. These are helpful in quickly clearing the pool so the pool can be used for other uses that aren't lap swimming.
  • All at once: Buy your lane lines all at once. We recommend this because it will help with shipping processes and costs. You'll be also be able to keep them together and if any of them need replacing you can do it all at once.
  • Ultimate protection: By rolling up your lane lines at the end of every practice, you'll increase the life of your lane lines. You will also protect them from the sun as well as chlorine that can wear away the color of the discs.

Hot Tip: We recommend purchasing higher quality lane lines because these are less likely to erode or have the steel cable rust in any way. Solid web design blocks wave transference to other lanes versus slotted web which allows the wave energy to pass through.

Shopping smart is an important factor whenever choosing items that will be lasting you for years. That's why picking out what you want and need are vitally important. These lane lines will be helping guide swimmers for months, if not years back and forth across your pool.

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7 months ago.
We have an older pool (37 x 67) that does not have hooks for swim lanes. We would like to add them. Is there a portable system with sandbags or some system that would work so we don't have to drill into the pool to add hooks? This is for very recreational lap swim only, not competition. Thank you!
1 year ago.
What is the warranty on new competitor lane lines? Is it separate for the cable vs. discs vs. connecting pieces?
1 year ago.
Hi Cathy!

The line includes the discs but not with the connectors. Please contact the manufacturere here - since we do not have the info in regards with the warranty.
2 years ago.
I have extra 6" discs and was hoping to add them onto a 50m line that is missing several discs. My question is, how many discs are on a solid (not 25s with connector) 50m line? Thank you.
suzy harouse
2 years ago.
I need to order some cable to re-string 3 25 yard lane lines. I would like to to order 3 individual cables. Not just one long cable. How much cable will I need per lane line. I have spring attachment on one end and the reel on the other.

How quickly can you get the cable to Pittsburgh?

2 years ago.
Hi Suzy,

To re-string a 3 lane 25 yard pool, you'll need a 22.86 meters cable per lane line. Please contact our Team Division at 18004697132 to check the transit time.
2 years ago.
Hello, We are looking to replace some broken disks at the end of our lane lines. How many disks are typically within the end section from the back stroke flags? Thanks for your assistance.
2 years ago.
Hello Jennifer,
Usually the flags sync up with the length of the lane line. We don't have a way of knowing how many discs would be at the end. If you need further assistance you can reach out to our Team Division at 1-800-469-7132.
Richard McCormick
3 years ago.
My pool has below gutter hook ups, but the problem with our current lanelines is that a good 10 feet of the lane line is below water on at each end of the pool. Is there any way to remedy this situation?
3 years ago.
My pool is 83 feet long, can I order 25M length lane lines? Or do I need to buy custom ones?

3 years ago.
Hello Scott,
You would need to purchase custom lane lines. You can email our team division at for a quote.
Coach Nick
3 years ago.
Pool is a 60 X 120 foot swimming pool with a four foot handicapped accessible ramp. The ramp is set at the shallow end of the so lanes would run 120feet we are planning to use floating bulkheads. Looking to see how much custom made lanes would be?
3 years ago.
Hello Nick!
To get a quote, please call our team division at 1-800-469-7132
3 years ago.
My Team has a 50 meter pool that is split into two sections by a bulkhead. so one side is 25 yards (75 feet) and the other side is 28.6 yards (86 feet). we want to replace the lane lines on the larger side (28.6 yards). The lane lines would connect through the gutter on one side and connect to the bulkhead on the other side. Which lane lines would you recommend. We would like the 4 inch lane lines.
3 years ago.
We don't have any that are that size. I would recommend emailing into our Teams Department so we can see if custom lane lines are a possibility for you.
4 years ago.
I need to order a new lane line for my High school team, the catch is we have a 20 yard pool. is there a way to order a complete lane or will we have to buy the bites and pieces and put it together?
4 years ago.
Hi Kerrie,
Since 20 yards equals 60 feet, you can order the Competitor 60 FT 4" Racing Lane Line (Product Code 8123200). You would have to double check with your existing lane line to see if the Individual discs measure 4" in diameter. For this product number, it will be the complete lane line. You would choose the colors you need. I hope this helps!
4 years ago.
My team is looking to replace a number of broken floats on our 25m lane lines. Do you know typically how many pieces are on a 25m line? And how many of each straight, curved (to fit around the donuts) and donuts?
4 years ago.
Hi Lindsay, Given the information you provided, it appears you may have a 4" lane line (versus a 6" lane line). The typical composition is as follows: - The 15' Solid Color ends have 224 pieces; 1/2 of which are ends ("curved") and 1/2 of which are bodies ("straight"). There would also be 56 Donuts. -The first alternating color would be 184 pieces; 1/2 of which are ends ("curved") and 1/2 of which are bodies ("straight"). There would be 46 Donuts. -The second alternating color would be 192 pieces; 1/2 of which are ends ("curved") and 1/2 of which are bodies ("Straight"). There would also be 48 donuts.
3 years ago.
Sorry, I'm also ordering for my high school. So for a 25 m pool. How many 4" body segments and donuts are needed?
4 years ago.
Describe proper measurement technique for 75 foot long pool. hook ups above gutter and additional in wall below gutter in part of pool wall.Thank you.
4 years ago.
Hi Maureen, You should measure the lane line from pool wall to pool wall where the swimmers touch the wall leaving gutters out of the equation. You mentioned the pool is 75 feet long which is the standard size. If you order lane lines, the size would most likely be 75' lane lines with gutter extensions. You should get the distance of the gutter to purchase extension hooks. I hope this helps!
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