How to Care for Ear Plugs
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How to Care for Ear Plugs

Ear plugs can last a long time if they are properly cared for. This guide will walk you through how to keep you ear plugs clean and functional.

Non-moldable Ear Plugs

Non-moldable ear plugs are designed for a universal fit, and therefore come in specific sizes and shapes. Generally made of stiffer material, they can still be comfortable and watertight. Non-moldable ear plugs are affordable, easier to clean, and a bit more durable than other models. Here are some care tips for non-moldable ear plugs:

  • Gently clean your ears before each use.
  • Rinse ear plugs off in non-chlorinated water after each use.
  • Allow ear plugs to dry thoroughly between uses to prevent mildew growth.
  • If needed, wash ear plugs in warm, soapy water with a soft brush or towel. Let them dry on a towel before putting back in their case.
  • Between swims, store your earplugs in the case they came in, or a small plastic container for protection.
  • Do not share your ear plugs with anyone else.

Moldable Ear Plugs

Moldable ear plugs are made of soft materials like wax or silicone putty. They allow users to shape the ear plug themselves, and because of their malleable material, conform to the ear for the best possible fit. Here are some tips for moldable ear plugs:

  • Unfortunately, if your moldable ear plugs get dirty, there's no good way to remove the contamination. Instead, always do your best to protect them from dirt and dirty surfaces.
  • Wash your hands before handling moldable ear plugs.
  • Gently clean your ears before use.
  • Always put your moldable ear plugs directly from your ear into their case – you might even want to keep the case on the pool deck during your swim for easy access.
  • Between swims, store your earplugs in the case they came in, or a small plastic container for protection.
  • Avoid handling your ear plugs needlessly: Mold them enough to fit in your ear and then leave them alone. The more contact they have with your fingertips, the more sediment or oils they can pick up.
  • Do not share your ear plugs with anyone else.

Ear Plugs Don't Last Forever

Remember that no set of ear plugs is designed to last forever. Although the above tips can extend the life of your ear plugs, you will need to replace them eventually. Following the advice in this guide will help you get the most use out your earplugs; whether moldable or non-moldable.

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1 year ago.
i have tried repeatedly to clean (my favorite) my silicone ear plugs with no avail. they still have an odor. what do i do?
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