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About This brand

The brand Vasa is known for its excellence. Founded back in 1988, this company was always one that had strong roots tied to the athletic world. The founder, Rob Sleamaker is an exercise psychologist and as such, he grew to understand the needs of athletes. Thus, in 1986, he invented the Vasa Trainer. Ever since a fateful day in 1990 where he visited the ASCA, swimmers everywhere have been gravitating towards this versatile and incredibly helpful piece of technology. Sleamaker was never sure if the idea would catch on, but after three of the most famous coaches in swimming gave it a shot, the rest was history.

Made in the USA the Vasa trainer is a high-quality piece of training equipment that can greatly help improve a swimmer's stroke while on dryland. Vasa has had a simple philosophy, according to their company website, "Make great products that yield excellent results for those that use them." And they have stuck by that motto for years so they could always consistently give you and your entire team a better work out and most importantly, better times in the water. If you want a strong, helpful tool that will help you shave off seconds of your time so you can be stronger in the water, then this is the brand that you want to stick with.