Tailwind Lifeguard

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About This brand

Tailwind Furniture™ is an industry leader in the world of lifeguard chairs. Known for their green business practices (all lifeguard chairs are made of recycled plastics), the high quality and the durability of their products, Tailwind chairs are a common sight on pool decks, beaches and at aquatic parks. Their all-weather design, clean lines and sturdiness make them a safe choice for any aquatic facility.

Tailwind's lifeguard chairs come in a variety of models to fit the needs of any lifeguarding staff. From Tailwind's most basic recycled plastic chair to Tailwind's tall lifeguard chairs with scanning platforms and steps, professional water rescuers will have the base they need for water supervision. Chair setups can be further customized with Tailwind umbrellas, Tailwind wheel kits, Tailwind platform kits and Tailwind anchoring kits.