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Swimming Caps

Dive into the world of swimming with SwimOutlet.com's extensive collection of swim caps, including silicone swim caps and latex swim caps, designed to meet the needs and preferences of every swimmer. Whether you're a competitive athlete aiming for peak performance or a recreational swimmer seeking comfort and style, our selection, featuring both swimming caps and swimming hats, has you covered.

Material Diversity for Every Swimmer: Our lineup showcases swim caps made from a variety of materials, such as durable silicone for those seeking a long-lasting and snug fit, flexible latex known for its affordability and stretch, neoprene swim caps for thermal protection, and comfortable polyester spandex and soft Lycra. Each material is chosen for its unique benefits to suit different swimming needs.

Designed with Swimmers in Mind

  • For the Long-Haired Swimmers: We offer options like the Sporti Long Hair Silicone Swim Cap and the TYR Long Hair Wrinkle-Free Silicone Swim Cap, perfect for those needing a long hair swim cap to accommodate longer hair, ensuring a comfortable swim without compromising performance.
  • Ear Protection Caps: Our selection includes caps like the Sporti Solid Ear Protection Silicone Swim Cap, engineered to protect your ears from water, thus enhancing your swimming experience.
  • Limited Edition and Fun Designs: Dive into fun with our unique, limited edition caps such as the Sporti Limited Edition Pizza Love Silicone Swim Cap, or express your personality with playful designs like the Sporti Jellyfish Silicone Swim Cap.

From Competitive to Casual: Whether you're looking for a high-performance silicone swim cap from renowned brands like Speedo, TYR, and Arena to reduce drag and improve hydrodynamics, or a custom swim cap for leisurely swims with vibrant colors and fun prints, there's a cap for every swimmer's occasion in our collection.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Swimming: Experience the latest in swim cap technology with features like wrinkle-free designs for a streamlined swim, seen in options such as the TYR Wrinkle-Free Silicone Swim Cap and caps specially tailored for swimmers with long hair, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone.

SwimOutlet.com's array of swim caps, swimming caps, and swimming hats not only highlights our commitment to quality and diversity but also ensures that swimmers of all types can find exactly what they need to enhance their water experiences.

Do I want a silicone or latex swim cap?

Silicone Caps: Thicker, more durable, and gentle on hair and skin. Ideal for long hair and those seeking longevity. More expensive.
Latex Caps: Thinner, more elastic, and provide a tighter fit, suitable for competitive swimming. More affordable but less durable and not suitable for latex allergies.
Choose silicone for comfort and durability or latex for a cost-effective, tighter fit for competition.

Do swim caps keep hair dry?

Swim caps primarily reduce drag and protect hair from pool chemicals, but they're not fully waterproof. Your hair may still get wet, especially under silicone caps, which offer a better seal than latex or fabric caps.

Will a swim cap keep water out of ears?

Swim caps aren't designed to keep water out of your ears. For better ear protection, combine them with earplugs. Some caps offer more coverage over the ears but aren't foolproof.