Stand Up Paddle Gloves

Paddle Gloves

It stays cooler by the water, sometimes too chilly. When you're out there paddling, you don't want your extremities freezing and inhibiting your ability to steer and stroke properly. You can wear garments to keep you warm from head to toe—including your hands. Paddle gloves are designed to keep you warm and still give you mobility in your fingers. 

A good pair of paddle gloves have a non-slip surface for holding firmly onto the shaft of your paddle. You must have a strong stable grip at all times for movement purposes and safety. They should also be waterproof as wet hands become colder faster without protection. A favorable pair should also conform to the shape of a relaxed hand. Too tight gloves restrict mobility, which in turn limits the heat your hands generate. 

We offer a variety of paddle gloves to keep your fingers warm. Some are full-fingered while others are fingerless for those who only want a better grip. Find a pair that suits your paddling adventures from quality brands like Body Glove, Quiksilver, Rip Curl and Xcel