How to Care for a Swim Snorkel

December 13, 2011

How to Care for a Swim Snorkel
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Swim snorkels consist of a rigid plastic breathing tube and soft silicone or rubber mouthpieces and straps — tough stuff that can handle tons of exposure to chlorine and sunlight.  They won't need constant washing or protection, but you should still maintain and store them with care. Clean and functional snorkels means more fun in the water! Following these simple steps will keep your gear fit for all your snorkeling needs.  

Dry Your Swim Snorkel

Because swim snorkels include a narrow breathing tube that traps moisture, it is important to dry snorkels out after each use. Either let your snorkel drip-dry after practice, or store it in a mesh bag or pocket that allows air to circulate.

Clean Your Swim Snorkel

Occasionally — after being stored in damp swim bags or after just many, many days of use — swim snorkels can become mildewed. If this is case with your snorkel, hand-wash it with warm water and dish soap. You can use a long, thin brush or just a towel wrapped around a thin stick (pencil, chopstick, etc) to clean the inside of the breathing tube. Be sure to rinse it thoroughly, since you don’t want to taste soap the next time you use it! Afterwards, let the snorkel dry completely.

Store Your Swim Snorkel Safely

Unlike goggles, swim snorkels don't have lenses that can be scratched, but they should still be treated gently. Their long, narrow breathing tube can snap, or snorkel straps can get tangled up in other swim gear. Consider storing your snorkel separately in mesh bag, and leave it in a cool, dry place that is out of direct sunlight.

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