Skratch Labs

About This brand

Skratch Labs strives to create superior products that will nurture, hydrate, and educate active people. Far too often, packaged sports drinks and bars are loaded with sugar and unnecessary ingredients. Allen Lim, a sports scientist and cycling coach, knew cyclists who experienced the overloaded, sugary ingredients of popular sports products on the market. As a result, he noticed the ill effects the products had on stomachs and performance.

Lim decided to take a stand against the products that were currently on the market. He set out to create a new product that properly hydrated and nourished active people while restoring important electrolytes and salt that was lost through sweat. Lim concocted a "secret drink mix" for athletes using real fruit juice and soon transitioned to savory rice cakes which replaced sugar-laden sports bars. Lim received an incredible response and people who used his products reported feeling better and performing better.

Focusing on education, Lim partnered with Chef Biju Thomas to produce a special cookbook called "The Feed Zone" which informed people on how to cook nutritious meals. Lim expanded Skratch Labs to a shop in Boulder, Colorado and continues to educate and nourish people from all backgrounds.