Seaweed Bath Co.

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About This brand

We embrace the nourishing magic of the ocean in everything we do at Seaweed Bath Co. From hand-harvested seaweed to the endless gifts of the ocean, we energize, inspire, and restore. A salve for the body and soul, our trusted approach to skin and hair begins and ends with the sea. No matter where you go—or where you are—the ocean is always with you.

Founded in 2010, Seaweed Bath Co. was inspired by its founders' discovery of the amazing benefits of seaweed while on a personal journey to find a better troubled skin solution. Since then, Seaweed Bath Co. continues to harness the endless gifts of the ocean in inspiring, nourishing and restoring formulas for all skin and hair types. Seaweed Bath Co. proudly supports ocean conservation through partnerships with marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation organizations.