Natural Life

About This brand

The mission of Natural Life is the inspire girls and women to live their natural lives! Living a natural life is about finding your passion, being yourself, doing what you love and enjoying the little things in life that mean the most. What started as photographs pinned as magnets on the CEO's fridge, ended up becoming a successful venture.

Branching out from just magnets, Patti Hughes decided that she could make and create more with her amazing creative ideas. That is how Natural Life began. Out of a creative mind, more fun and inventive ideas happened. She took her smart business know-how that she gained from her mother, and passed it onto her thriving company and her daughters, sharing growth and passion everywhere in her life. Natural live is also passionate about helping others and giving back and have since partnered with amazing organizations and support groups to help make a positive impact on individuals and the world! You too can be a part of Natural Life, and see what becoming your passion is all about!