Mala Collective

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About This brand

At Mala Collective, their vision, mission and values are something they are very proud of. It's a check-in point as they grow, make decisions, and something that keeps us all connected. Mala Collective believes it's the foundation of who we are and why we're here.

The journey of Mala Collective started on the lush island of Bali, Indonesia. It’s where co-founders Ashley and Matt first discovered the beauty and healing qualities of mala beads. As many people do, they headed to Bali after hitting a crossroads in life. They had found their "perfect" jobs, but weren't feeling fulfilled. They were busy for the sake of being busy. Their work-life balance was way off. They knew something was missing.

So they took a leap of faith – they packed their bags and traveled as far as possible with as little as possible. A few months later they ended up in Bali doing yoga, surfing, and meditating. They also fell in love with a yoga studio — the Yoga Barn in Ubud — where they found the unique rudraksha bead jewelry. The texture was different. The gemstones were mouthwatering, and the healing qualities were inspiring.

During their stay, they couldn’t stop picking up the pieces and turning them over in their hands. One purchase turned into another, and then another. (And yes, then another!) Mid-flight from Bali to Thailand, a tall, beautiful woman with long dark hair sat down next to them. She was ‘drawn to their aura’ and simply wanted to chat, she said. After a few minutes, she saw their bracelet — lava and rudraksha for strength and clarity. She happened to be the maker of the jewelry. Matt and Ashley listened as she shared her story inspired by her spiritual guide to spread peace through rudraksha jewelry. He told her the more people wearing rudraksha beads in the West, the more the world would be at peace.

Ashley and Matt were thankful for this new journey, spreading the intention of peace and mindfulness to a new generation. And they agree with this beautiful woman and her guru — the rudraksha beads are a symbol of compassion for humanity — a reminder of a higher consciousness within. And they know you’ll love them as much as they do. In addition, Mala Collective shares their love for making others feel great by donating and supporting local initiatives in Canada and USA, including Karma Teachers and the Big Brothers and Sisters Program.