Mac Sports

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About This brand

Mac Sports has become synonymous with recreational furniture and equipment. Founded in 1993, Mac Sports has grown into the largest manufacturer and distributor of collapsible folding furniture in the world and has branched off into other product categories - i.e. garden furniture, juvenile furniture, etc. This growth has been driven by and will continue to be governed by product innovation and unparalleled attention to quality. Our products are the NEWEST and the BEST!

The vehicle for this growth has been vertical integration from product design, to production, to marketing. Mac Sports maintains its own product development teams consisting of engineers, artists, and designers. We also directly control the manufacturing process, including the milling of our fabrics and the smelting and extruding of our own tubing. Finally, our sales and account support staffs provide our customers with top-notch service and access to market, logistical and product knowledge. Lastly, we are ISO9002 certified, which ensures our product integrity.