Foam Rollers

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Self-massage has transformed the world of fitness and how athletes prepare and recover from workouts. Instead of constantly paying for a physical therapist to roll out your body, there now exists personal massage tools to help your sore muscles. Rollers and specifically designed balls have been designed to target muscle groups in your body before and after exercise. When done properly, one should roll out before any other stretching or cardio occurs during a workout’s warm up. It should also be performed at the very end of a cool down.

Foam rolling and self-massage enhance your workout potential by loosening up muscles and any knots that form before they can cause problems. You’ll feel looser and less sore sooner—allowing you to be ready to go earlier than otherwise.

We have a number of foam rollers in different styles, some thick, hollow or made of plastic instead of foam. We also have balls of different sizes and textures for various parts of the body. Whatever you need, whether it’s a portable roller or a small ball to roll with your foot, we have great products from reliable brands like AeroMat, Pro-Tec and Trigger Point to rejuvenate your muscles.