Fin Fun

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About This brand

Fin Fun is the premier maker of real, swimmable mermaid tails for children and adults. What began as a granddaughter’s desire to swim like a mermaid soon became the quest of her grandmother to create a functional, swimmable mermaid tail. Fast forward to only a few short years later, Fin Fun is now a leader in the market, still family-owned and selling mermaid tails, monofins, shark fins, and swimwear all over the world! They’ve even developed a high-tech, patented mermaid monofin that is comfortable, durable, and powerful—making the experience of swimming like a mermaid even more magical! With a focus on safety, quality, and service to the community, Fin Fun mermaid tails are still proudly Made in the USA. Check out their “fin”tastic products for yourself!