About This brand

With two active boys in soccer, tennis and baseball, Linda Varga had purchased just about every portable sun product there is on the market. Over the years she began to notice that portable umbrellas and canopies only provide minimal sun protection. Most do not block UVA or UVB rays and only provide a limited shade area (the largest of which is when the sun is directly overhead) and lastly, they do not block the UV rays that are reflected off of the ground.

While Linda was researching shade structures, she discovered that not all shade is created equal. Like most people, Linda was not aware that up to 84% of UV rays found in direct sun reflect under your basic umbrella and canopy. That's a difference of only 16% less UV exposure than standing in direct sun. Another study showed that up to 1/3 of cancer causing UV rays can reach your skin while you are sitting under an umbrella. You can actually get burned while you are sitting in the shade! The researchers of these studies concluded that shade structures with side-on walls or other side protection provide the greatest shelter from the sun's UV rays.

After spending countless hours on playing fields and at the beach chasing the shade it occurred to Linda that if she could not buy it, she would invent it. Linda knew that she had to design something that provided both UVA and UVB protection, was lightweight, colorful, easy to use, and very portable and with that, ezShade was born.