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About This brand

eo means progress in Latin. Now, to be honest, we don’t know that much Latin, but we do believe in progress. Not any kind of progress, mind. We’re not here for the grindingly slow kind, laborious trial and error that takes time and effort to achieve minor improvements. eo isn’t satisfied with marginal gains. Sure, they can be the difference between winning and losing, but our horizons are set a little further than that.

eo believes that every body has vast potential waiting to be unlocked and that science holds the key. eo uses inspired applications of scientific research to defy convention, defy the odds, defy your body--to bring the kind of precision that doesn’t just win the race, but sets new standards for what can be achieved.

Because we’re in the business of accelerating progress, in sport and in life.

This is a world where rules, and records, are there to be broken.

This is the science of defiance.

Every product eo releases is assessed against four potential benefits to athletes and must meet at least one: improving performance, accelerating recovery and adaptation, preventing injury and aiding rehabilitation.

Along with the SwimBETTER and NuroCHEK, eo has more sports technology advancing through the development pipeline. Each of these products is poised to revolutionize their sport.