About This brand

The "Adjustable Resistance Kickboard" was developed to enhance a swimmer's ability to kick harder and longer. Evan King, the creator, noticed growing up in competitive swimming how much kick sets were not fun at all. It seemed everyone surprisingly had to go to the bathroom during the set. The "Adjustable Resistance Kickboard" makes kicking sets more interactive, fun and challenging. This kickboard gives the swimmers and coaches a lot more fun and challenging options. Dragsett launched the Adjustable Resistance Kickboard in October 2014 and have seen an excellent response from swimmers and coaches. If you are a coach and are looking to make your swimmers engage more in their kicking and improve, then this is the right tool for you. If you are a swimmer that needs to improve on your kicking power and stamina, then this is the right tool for you too.

The company Dragsett Inc. was created by Evan King based on the "Adjustable Resistance Kickboard." King felt that swimming needed a new face that listened to the swimmers and coaches. He was focused on filling that void. DragSett is committed to creating reliable, functional and proven training products to swimmers of all levels. They hope with the launch of this product they can provide swimmers and coaches more advanced and fun ways to succeed in their swimming goals.