BCBG Swimwear

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About This brand

We don't just sell clothes; BCBGeneration Swimwear offers a lifestyle. In other words: We don't follow trends, we create them. It's our mission to deliver fashion to every girl, every time. We've created a brand that mirrors the women who wear our clothes - a perfect blend of femininity and toughness, both contemporary and timeless. Between the quirky prints, flirty silhouettes and luxe fabrics, Generation has something for even the pickiest fashionista. We're not content just being your favorite brand; we want to be your best friend.

Our fearless leader, Joyce Azria, is one of the coolest women in LA - if not the planet. As creative director of BCBGeneration, she has made the team feel more like family, and work more fun. As the daughter of BCBG founder Max Azria, she definitely knows a thing or two about fashion (okay, like everything about fashion.) Since 2009, she has created a brand that appeals to every "it" girl. Whether you have a sportier look, maybe hipster, or even preppy, Joyce knows what women want - and it's BCBGeneration.