About This brand

The idea for AudioFlood came into existence when David Johnson saw his first waterproof iPod. The iPod belonged to his best friend. In theory, his friend's waterproof iPod seemed like a necessity for the pool. In reality, the iPod had many setbacks that outweighed any positive features. Some of these negative features include not being able to plug in the headphones while underwater and a disabled on/off switch. The iPod wasn't nearly as functional as it should have been for the price.

With his manufacturing engineering background, David Johnson wanted to create a waterproof iPod that was fully functional yet cost-effective. After much tinkering and testing, Johnson created his final product: a waterproof iPod that was inexpensive and had fully functioning buttons while underwater.

Johnson frequently used his product at the pool and eventually sparked the interest of other swimmers. AudioFlood was soon founded in order to supply swimmers with a superior, inexpensive, waterproof iPod. Today, AudioFlood has evolved into a company with many products that include waterproof iPods, headphones, and bundle packages.