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About This brand

Artesands Swimwear is a brand that is 110% behind the design of perfectly fitting swimsuits for your curves!

Artesands has developed an Artesands-only unique sizing system based on measuring true everyday curvy women – not fashion models. They built their sizing system and structure around a mid-level size of US 14 and did grades up and down from this. If you compare a size 12+ Artesands to a regular size 12, you will see that the measurements allow for a softer fit across your curves.

Artesands sizing allows for a little bit more room through the mid-section, a little bit more at the top of your back and underarm, and a bit more through the hips. If you have curves and you try an Artesands swimsuit you will love how the ‘plus a little bit’ more sizing structure sits softer on your body and doesn’t dig in creating any bulges over the top of the swimsuit. The ‘plus a little bit more’ does not affect the support of Artesands swimsuits at all, if anything the ‘plus a little bit more’ increases the support, by allowing the swimsuit to sit in the correct position on your body and provide the best support for your body shape.

Measuring your body accurately is important to make sure you order the best fitting curve fit or plus size swimsuit possible for your size and body shape.