Alii Sport

About This brand

Andi Neugarten started Alii (formally Active Angelz) after being frustrated by purchasing athletic clothing that didn?t meet her standards of style and beauty. While she found fitness clothing capably manufactured for performance, she felt there was a lack of consideration for what looked good to a female athlete who had a life outside of fitness. For Andi, that mean not only working out, but rushing through her days of taking care of her family, her business, and trying to carve out time for herself.

Three years ago, Andi decided to give up her life in the corporate world and, with the support of her family and friends, embarked on a journey to develop a line of luxury performance apparel for the female athlete. From this dream has evolved the premier brand of feminine, athletic apparel, Alii Sport.

Alii is all about endurance lifestyle. As a busy modern woman, she, like many others, has no time to think about what to wear throughout the day. Alii bridges the gap between performance and fashion, delivering beautiful lifestyle garments that take you from an early morning swim workout, to carpool, to a meeting, to the mall or market and then out to dinner. All Alii garments are made from the same Italian performance fabrics and can be worn to run, train or work out, but are stylish enough to wear out for a night on the town. Alii is the "look at me" attitude that exemplifies the rational of "I work hard to train, I work hard to perform, why cannot I look better?". Andi is proud to refuse to be a part of the traditional industry of the "shrink it and pink it!" movement. That is the Alii mantra. It represents a sense of style and true innovation coming from a women?s perspective and with the hope that wearing Alii inspires you athletically to feel powerful, feminine and beautiful.