Air Goal Sports

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About This brand

Airgoal Sports is the leading innovator of inflatable sports equipment in the world, making great and innovative products for in and out of the water. For over 30 years, Airgoal has been serving customers all over the world. With the best quality, R & D, materials, and customer support in the industry, their products outlast the competition.

Airgoal Sports goals are built from a pliable hose material that ensures functionality and portability and ensures no rusting. All of the piping used in their products are made of a Nitro Thermoplastic polymer and high density terylene nylon yarn in a special five-step process that makes Airgoal products feel like other metal goals. When inflated the products are rigid like metal, but safe if struck by a player or child. Airgoal Sports? technology keeps the goals straight and it ensures that when a ball hits the bar it reacts the same as metal. Their technology provides excellent impact resistance, recoverability and extreme weather resistance and are also non-toxic and green.