3D Robotics

About This brand

3D Robotics develops innovative, flexible, and reliable personal drones and UAV technology for everyday exploration and business applications. 3DR’s UAV platforms capture breathtaking aerial imagery for consumer enjoyment and data analysis, enabling mapping, surveying, 3D modeling, and more. Their technology is currently used across multiple industries around the world, including agriculture, photography, construction, search & rescue, and ecological study. 3DR is committed to bringing the power of UAV technology to the mainstream market.

3D Robotics was founded in 2009 by Chris Anderson, founder of DIYDrones.com, and Jordi Munoz. 3D Robotics is a VC-backed startup with over 180 employees in North America and more than 28,000 customers worldwide. Headquartered in Berkeley, CA, 3DR operates engineering facilities in San Diego, sales and marketing in Austin, Texas, and manufacturing in Tijuana, Mexico.