Water Polo Ball Size Guide

In water polo, there are various sizes of water polo balls. Each size is assigned to a specific level, or levels. This guide will explain the different sizes of water polo balls and the different levels that each is used for.


Size 1: Splashball

  • Most commonly used in introductory water polo camps where boys and girls aged 8 & under try out water polo for the first time.
  • The small size of this ball makes it easier for the young, beginning players to handle the ball.


Size 2: Junior

  • Used by 12 & under girls and 10 & under co-ed.
  • The smaller size of this ball is most appropriate for this age range as young players learn basic water polo skills.


Size 3: Intermediate

  • Used by 14 & under girls and 12 & under boys.
  • This transitional sized ball is designed and volumetrically engineered to provide a smooth transition to the Size 4 ball, to improve skill development, and to increase quality of play.


Size 4: Compact (previously called Women's)

  • Used by 14 & under boys; 16 & under girls club, 18 & under girls club, and all high school girls; NCAA women; and International women.
  • Regulated Circumference: Between 0.65 and 0.67 meters.


Size 5: Men's

  • Used by 16 & under boys club, 18 & under boys club, and all high school boys; NCAA men; and International men.
  • Regulated Circumference: Between 0.68 and 0.71 meters.

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