SUPilates: Why You Need to Try It!

January 17, 2018

SUPilates: Why You Need to Try It!
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SUPilates sounds like a typo, but it is not! It is a combination of Stand-Up Paddleboarding and Aqua Pilates, combining two great workouts and taking them to a whole new level! While combining these two workouts into one may seem like combining peanut butter and pickles, the two workouts actually fit together perfectly. If you’re finding your Pilates practice growing stale or you want to shake up your paddleboard routine, then SUPilates is a great step for you!

Read on to learn what makes this unlikely fusion so great.

Pilates Outdoors!

Pilates is generally practiced inside of a hot, sweaty gym because of the equipment required. Not so when you take your practice out on a Paddleboard! You can Pilates anywhere on a paddleboard, from lakes to beaches. And don’t think you’re getting an easier workout because you won’t have a nearby Pilates Apparatus either. Standing on a stand-up paddleboard is no easy feat. Now imagine doing advanced Pilates positions on one!

You have to be focused at all times to keep from falling in the water. Fortunately, your fellow Pilates students will have just as trouble as you! You won’t be the only one falling in.

A Workout on Your Way to Class!

The act of Stand-Up Paddleboarding is, in itself, a workout! You have to balance on the paddleboard and actually paddle yourself to where the class begins. This requires a good amount of strength in your core for balance and arms to paddle. Plus, you use your shoulders and back as well to keep upright and moving. This is a great workout and you haven’t even started your class yet!

Keeps You Focused!

Pilates can be hard enough if you’re just starting out, but as you continue your Pilates journey, the motions can get routine and it can be easy to slack on certain aspects of the poses to get through the workout faster. It’s okay to admit it--we’ve all slacked now and then.

This will not happen in SUPilates! If you find yourself being lax in your motions, you will end up splashing into the water! The paddleboard is sturdy, but not as sturdy as solid ground, and much easier to lose your balance. When you do Pilates on a paddleboard, you have to be engaged in the exercise from start to end, otherwise...SPLASH.

Burn More Calories!

Because the exercises are more intense on a paddleboard than on a mat in an exercise studio, you will find that SUPilates burns more calories! Think about it, if you have to expend that much energy to keep yourself from falling over, it only makes sense that you would burn more calories than doing the same exercises on a mat. Old, tired exercises become new challenges with this one simple change!

Improve Your Standard Pilates Technique!

Doing Pilates on a paddleboard will make any errors in your standard Pilates technique all the more noticeable and pronounced. Errors that you didn’t even realize you were making will be made clear and easy to fix once your balance depends on them. In keeping with the theme of focusing your body, you will find that your regular Pilates practice will improve as well.

What are You Waiting For?

With all these benefits, why wouldn’t you want to try your hand (or feet!) at SUPilates? There are plenty of benefits, and with the only downside being a splash into refreshing water, there’s no reason not to give it a shot.

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