Introduction to Tech Suits

January 22, 2024

You may have seen competitive swimmers wear them at swim meets and competitions, the slick, very tight looking swimsuits. You've probably thought they were specially designed suits for competitive swimmers (you'd be right!) but you may not have fully understood what these suits were and why swimmers wear them. Fortunately, we're here to help! This guide will explain the basics of these tech suits, including why you should get a pair if you are serious of winning your next competition!

What is a Tech Suit?

Tech Suits are a special kind of bathing suit designed to be worn in competitions to help you swim your best. Men's tech suits tend to look like traditional swim briefs, but instead of being loose around your thighs, they are tight to compress the muscles there. Tech Suits for women are of a similar idea, though they wrap around the shoulders as well and provide full body compression, rather than just leg compression.

Tech suits are not designed for everyday use, and should only be worn at competitions. The material is not meant to withstand hundreds of swims, for reasons described below.

Why Wear a Tech Suit?

There are actually three excellent reasons swimmers wear tech suits, two of them physical and one of them mental:


Tech suits take roughly 15 minutes to a half hour to put on, and the reason for that is the compression. The suit is designed to fit your body very tightly. Because of this, your muscles are more compacted which therefore improves blood flow. This allows your body to flush out metabolic waste and lactic acid more quickly over the course of your race. In addition, the narrower your body while you swim, the more streamlined you will be and the faster you will go.


In addition to compressing your body, tech suits are made of hydrophobic material that does not absorb water as you swim. This reduces drag and keeps the suit “slick" in the water, once again, allowing you to swim faster. In addition, you will also ride higher in the water because you have less weight weighing you down as you swim, because the suit isn't absorbing any of the water.

Mental Edge

While not the most obvious and easily measurable benefit to wearing a tech suit, you will definitely feel faster and a stronger swimmer in one, and far more prepared for the race ahead than if you don't have it. Confidence can often be the difference between victory and defeat, and if you feel like you have done everything possible to swim your best, chances are, you will swim your best as well.


Tech suits will often feel uncomfortably tight if you are not used to them because of the compression. Plus, it's not abnormal for the suit to be so snug that it takes between 15 minutes and a half hour to put them on. Because of this, determining sizing can be challenging, and every manufacturer has slightly different sizing specifications. Fortunately, includes many sizing charts to help you determine which tech suit is what you need.


Unfortunately, all that compression comes at a price. Tech suits are recommended to last between 10 and 12 swim meets, give or take. Because of this, they should only be worn when in use, put on just before the meet and removed shortly after. You should remove the suit and rinse it with clean water as soon as possible, and let it air dry, so that the chlorine does not wear away the seams.  Do not place in a dryer, as that will severely limit the life of the suit.


Because of all the high quality materials that goes into a tech suit, they are more expensive than a traditional pair of swim trunks. However, they come in a variety of styles to suit any budget, and with proper care, you will have to replace them less frequently than you may think!

Final Thoughts

A tech suit is a must if you are serious about swimming competitively. The compression benefits and hydrophobic materials definitely give you an edge over other swimmers, and every second counts when you race. Get one today and see how much it helps you in the final stretch of a big race!

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