How to Treat and Prevent Chafing

January 22, 2024

One of the many irritating things that can happen while you’re out running or even from walking -- your legs can rub together and it creates a sore, rough patch of skin in between your thighs. This irritation is known as chafing, and it can be one of the most annoying and downright painful things that can happen while working out. Sometimes it isn’t even limited to just in between your legs either, but it can also occur in your underarm area from too much arm swinging. We know just how frustrating it can be so we’ve pulled some of the best ways to prevent and treat chafing so you can be better prepared and know just how to cure it once it’s happened.

Preventative care

Just as with most anything else, you’ll want to prepare if you know that you’re going out for a long run. One way that you can prevent yourself from getting any kind of rash against your skin is to rub some baby powder on your legs. Sometimes we can forget that babies aren’t the only ones that can use baby powder. It’s made for very sensitive skin and helps make your skin feel extra smooth. That way if your thighs do end up rubbing together, they’ll simply slide past each other and they won’t create any friction. Another way to prevent chafing is to put on something like Body Glide. This is made specifically for chafing and is extremely easy to apply; it looks exactly like deodorant and can be applied along your legs that tend to get the most action and underarms as well. Taking the necessary precautions is the key way to save yourself from pain later.

Clothes are just as important

Another way to stop chafing from happening is to wear the correct clothing. You’ll want to avoid cotton because cotton absorbs sweat and causes more irritation on your skin. Moisture tends to make the skin more irritated which leads to rashes and of course, chafing. Wear clothes specifically designed with sweat wicking technology. They’re made with special fibers to wick away at sweat whenever it forms on your body to keep you from getting any kind of irritation on your skin. These are handy for runners, joggers, or anyone that’s worried about getting their skin rubbed raw from activity. Try and find tight fitting clothing as well. Loose material hanging near your legs can create even more friction for your body to have to fight against, and more sore legs for you to worry about later.

When the worst happens

In the event that you didn’t get a chance to prepare against chaffing and you tried your best to prevent it and it still happened, there are ways that your body can heal from the damage that’s been done. One easy and simple way to heal your sore legs is to spread them apart while resting. This way while you’re finally relaxing, you’ll have a chance to recuperate and your skin can heal. After resting, be sure to apply some smooth substance over the area like Vaseline in the event that you have to stand up and walk around. Overall, the best remedy is to not bother the area for a while.

Overall, chafing can greatly be one of the most painful non-serious things that can happen to your body. In can be even worse on occasion when it wasn’t even due to exercise. In this case, be sure to use the preventative measures and you’ll be closer to hopefully never having to suffer from that ailment again. Sometimes, it can even be for walking for long periods of time and your legs weren’t prepared for it. Stock up on the supplies you need so you won’t have to worry about chafing now or hopefully ever again.

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