How to Put on a Water Polo Cap

Putting on a water polo cap can be a little awkward at first, especially if done in the water. This guide explains how to put on a water polo cap quickly and properly.

  1. Make sure the cap is facing the correct way. The rear of the cap will either have a gathered elastic section or a tag.
  2. Slip the cap on over your head and line the ear guards up so that they cover your ears.
  3. Fasten the cap under your chin. If the cap has ties, tie it in a bow. Knots can be nearly impossible to untie after getting wet and being pulled on during a game. If the cap has a loop fastener, thread the strap through all the loops, then double it back through last loop. Pull to tighten.
  4. The cap may need a little bit of adjusting, so pull or tweak things as needed.

Like Tying Your Shoes…

The hardest part of putting on a water polo cap is fastening it under your chin without a mirror. After a few times, though, you'll get used to tying the bow or threading the loops without looking. If you have long hair, wear a swim cap underneath the cap. This will make the cap easier to put on, and will prevent anyone from pulling on your hair during a game.

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