How to Choose Totes and Bags

October 22, 2013

Whether you are packing a picnic for the beach, or planning a weekend long search for the perfect wave, there's a bag for your every need. Whether it’s a big bag, tall tote or small satchel, all bags vary in shapes and sizes. So how do you choose? When you set out for your sunny day excursion, you want to bring all of your necessities along. Chances are the amount of items you are packing depends on the type of activity you are embarking on. Here is where to start.

    Perfect Picnics

    The sun is high, the tide is low, and you are planning a picnic on the sand. To avoid dragging an ice chest across a crowded beach, you might want to choose a cooler basket. These lightweight cooler baskets are typically fully collapsible and expandable. Toting a cooler is a convenient way to feed your friends and families on an action-packed sunny day.

    Short Soirees

    Planning a short road-trip with the girls? A cross-body, shoulder bag is an easy solution for a day trip to the water. These purses are just big enough for your sunscreen and summer essentials, yet not too big that it will get in the way of your activities. A shoulder bag is generally created with a medium size body, and a conveniently long strap. This hands-free, worry-free bag will keep your treasures tight against you while allowing you to let loose and have your fun in the sun.

    Beach Bums

    When the beach is calling, you don't have time to be hauling a car-load of items. In reality, all you need is a medium size beach bag so you can carry your goodies. If you are spending all day on the beach, a get-a-way tote is perfect for you. Designed to be deeper and wider, these bags allow you to plan for a full day in the sun. From snacks, to books, to your beach towel, these totes can hold it all without weighing you down.

    Fitness Fanatics

    When the sun comes out, the fitness enthusiasts hit the great outdoors for training. If you are always on the run chasing the next big adventure, you will need a bag that is more durable. A canvas, nylon, or mesh bag will give you the optimal protection for your personal belongings to suit your hikes, runs, or swims. Whether you are looking for a backpack, a tote, or duffel, you will need something that can keep up with your active lifestyle.

    Weekend Warriors

    If you suffer from a bit of wanderlust during the weekends, a duffel bag will carry you from place to place. Overnight bags, or duffels, are designed with large compartments and durable straps for convenient storage. Whether you're sailing out to sea or hiking across the horizon, don't forget your weekend wardrobe and overnight necessities.

Despite the various styles, shapes, and sizes, there is a bag for every individual lifestyle. Whether you'll be gone for hours or days, SwimOutlet has the luggage necessary to take you from jetsetter to trendsetter.

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