How to Care for a Swim Bag

January 22, 2024

Swim bags see a lot of abuse. from getting dragged on rough pool decks, to getting soaked with pool water, to holding damp swim gear after practice. They're designed to function in a wet environment, but every now and then it's a good idea to wash them out. If your bag starts to smell, show signs of mildew, or is dirty, Then it is definitely time to take some soap to it! This guide will help you clean your bag. 

Wash Your Swim Bag

Gently hand-washing your bag is the safest way to clean it. Use a gentle soap and warm water to remove stains, dirt, or other buildup. You can also wash your swim bag in the washing machine. If you do, use warm or cool water and select a gentle cycle. Wash your bag with like colors. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners, and do not soak the bag beforehand. The bright colors of swim bags are prone to bleeding and fading, and a little forethought and preparation can prevent a potential mishap.

Dry Your Swim Bag

Hang your bag to dry. Because they are made of synthetic materials that often contain plastics or rubber, dryers damage certain swim bags. You can use a dryer for bags that are primarily made of natural fibers, but should still use a low heat setting.

Preventative Care

Taking care of your swim bag while you use it is the best way to keep it in good condition for a long time. Occasionally take out all your gear and let your bag completely air dry. Clean it out with a disinfecting wipe to remove mildew, dirt, debris, and any leaked substances (shampoo, sunscreen) that can damage fabric. If your bag develops small holes or tears, repair them quickly with a needle and thread before they gets bigger. Always store wet gear and suits in outer mesh pockets, or hang them outside your bag to dry, and then make sure to take them out as soon as possible.

Swim Bags Can Last a Long Time

With proper care, swim bags can last for years and years. Because they are designed for durability, bag cleaning only needs to happen sporadically. Take care of dirty or mildewed bags sooner rather than later, and you will keep your bag in good working condition for a very long time.

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