Guide to Water Aerobic Weights

January 22, 2024

Water Aerobic Weights

Water aerobics is one of the best ways to keep in shape while you're in the water aside from swimming laps. With a wide variety of exercises available, it's a versatile and fun way to burn calories with no harsh resistance. Bringing along items like kickboards, foam noodles and water dumbbells are vitally important to your full exercise regimen. In this water aerobics guide, we'll give you a helpful set of tips so you can be on your way to properly aerobicizing to a new you--With dumbbells!

What are water dumbbells?

Water aerobic dumbbells are very similar to their dry land counterpart. The main difference between the two is that the water dumbbells are made out of foam and plastic versus a heavy metal. The reason for this is because of water's gravity when you're using weights underwater, it would be very difficult to lift something as heavy as ten pound weights while you're treading through the water. This is why foam weights are created so though they may be light out of the water, they'll be heavy underwater due to the natural resistance water has. Adding these to your arsenal is a great choice because you'll be able to vary your water aerobic workouts by adding weights and resistance.

The benefits of using a water dumbbell

There are a wide variety of benefits that come from using underwater dumbbells, including better muscle tone, a more hardcore workout and results that you might not get anywhere else other than using dumbbells. With an increase of resistance underwater, the weights provide an intense workout from both ends of a pool, whether you're in shallow or deep water. While most people associate working out in a pool with swimming laps, water aerobics is a great alternative for someone who desires low-impact training. The low-impact workout that the water provides is great for people who have suffered from injuries, are overweight or have sensitive joints. The weights still give you a way to improve your muscle strength without straining your limbs outside of the pool. Because these dumbbells are so helpful, you'll be able to see a difference once you step out of the water as well.

Exercises using underwater dumbbells

There are many simple exercises that one can execute while in the pool. Depending on what type of muscle you want to work out should depend on the exercise you wish to do. Here are a few examples of exercises you can do using dumbbells for water aerobics:

Bicep curls and flies

These are two exercises that you can use your weights to sculpt your arms. The bicep curls are the same as when you're outside of the water, only this time you can water's resistance against you. While standing in the water, hold your arms at your sides while you're holding the weights. With your palm facing up, contract your biceps and lift the weights towards your shoulders. After that, then slowly lower the weights back down. The flies are very similar to the bicep curls and are great for defining your chest. Stand with the water weights in front of you and in front of your chest with palms facing each other. Pull your shoulders back and move your arms out as though you were going to wrap your arms around someone. Lastly, bring your weights back to the front.

Triceps push and karate punch

The triceps pushes firm up the back of your arms when you're doing this exercise. Start off by standing with your weights up by your chest with your elbows bent and palms facing each other. Slowly push your weights down into the water by your thighs so that your arms are straight. Then, bring the weights back up to your chest. The last exercise you can do is the karate punch, which sounds exactly like what it is. Hold your water weights up close to your chest and punch out into the water, then pull the weight back. From there you can alternate your arms. The karate punch will tone a wide variety of muscles in your arms.

The water aerobic dumbbells are a widely adaptable piece of equipment that you can use. You can use them to tone your arms, legs or even your abs. By giving yourself a large selection of equipment available, you'll have a better way to help tone your body overall. Keeping the safe practice is always the best route; consult your doctor before taking part in a new exercise routine if you have had previous injuries. The first and most important part is to have fun with your new equipment!

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