Comparing Speedo Junior Kickboards

September 18, 2017

Help your little swimmer improve his or her swimming skills by gaining a stronger kick. Strong legs can make a huge difference in the overall efficiency and speed of your kid’s stroke. Kicking keeps the hips on top of the water, creating a more streamlined movement through the water. Developing such a kick comes with practice -- but most kickboards are too large and bulky to provide anything more than extra hindrance for younger swimmers.

Kickboards come in a variety of shapes, but they all typically consist of a foam material designed to keep the user’s arms immobile. The swimmer must rely entirely on the legs while maneuvering with a kickboard. Luckily for little swimmers, Speedo offers several different styles of kickboards built specifically for kids.

Speedo Jr. Team Kickboard

The Speedo Jr. Team Kickboard comes in a classic, round-topped rectangle shape in smaller dimensions intended for child use. It helps with kicking drills and strengthening legs. Some key features include:

  • Side finger scalloping to promote proper hand positioning.
  • Underside finger grooving for maximum grip.
  • Textured EVA foam material for an anti-slip surface.
  • 10” width x 14” length x 1” height dimensions.
  • Solid color options for matching team colors.

Speedo Jr. Mix-A-Lot Kickboard

If your child likes to make a splash with bright colors, he or she will want the Speedo Jr. Mix-A-Lot Kickboard. Similar in design to the Speedo Jr. Team Kickboard, this option appeals to little ones motivated by fun coloring and patterns in swimsuits, goggles, and other swim gear. The Mix-A-Lot Kickboard features:

  • Side finger scalloping for ideal hand positioning.
  • Underside finger groove for ultimate grip.
  • Textured EVA foam material for slip-free surface.
  • 10” width x 14” length x 1” height dimensions.
  • Bright, multicolor options designed to catch everybody’s eye.

Speedo Jr. Kickboard

Simple and sleek, the Speedo Jr. Kickboard appeals to smaller children already familiar with kicking practices and gripping the board with ease. Its slightly longer length makes it a great training tool for improving an already-strong kick. This board includes:

  • A rounded, rectangular shape.
  • Sleek, smooth sides, top and bottom.
  • Lightweight construction that increases use of core and legs in straying afloat.
  • 10” width x 15” length x 1” height dimensions.
  • Bright, contrast coloring.

Start Kicking with Speedo

A staple of the swimming world, Speedo supplies swim gear and apparel for swimmers of all levels. When the top brand used by Olympians tackles the freshest levels of competitive swimmers -- those of tomorrow -- you know you can trust their design. Speedo’s junior kickboards are made for new swimmers, helping them develop a crucial part of their stroke early on. Help your child get a head start on strong legs, and outfit them with everything else they need for swimming from

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