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Delight in the feel of sand between your toes without winding up with sand in all the wrong places with a comfortable Beach Chair. Beach towels are great for laying out on the sand, but particles almost always end up on top of the towel and you. Plus, sand's divots and lumps do not provide the best cushion for your body. Beach chairs offer a solution to discomfort during your perfect beach day. 

Beach chairs let you sit upright or recline on a sturdy, comfortable platform. Some include cup holders, canopies or extra cushioning to enhance luxury. They come in portable designs to make carrying and stowing them not  a problem. If bought with a table, they deliver perfect seating for a beach-day picnic.

We have a collection of quality beach chairs to suit any situation. Fold these up, pack and unpack them whenever you set out for a relaxing day of lounging on the sand. All of our beach chairs come from reliable brands like Wet Products, Travel Chair and Rio Brands.