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Dolfin Women's Aquashape Santorini Racerback Zip-Front Aquatard
5 Review Stars By Susan 1/17/2021

Why is it so see thru. I need a unitards with zipper front that not see thru

Too see thru
Seams come apart too easily

Waterpro Women's Matrix Splice Unitard
5 Review Stars By DN 1/14/2021

Just What I Was Looking For

I've been wearing this to swim laps for about 2 weeks. I love it It gives me modest coverage so that I don't feel like I'm walking around in my underwear. It does not ride up between my legs. It dries quickly. We'll see how it stands up to the chlorine. I won't know that for several months. If it holds up, I will definitely be buying another.

Waterpro Polyester Unitard
5 Review Stars By Tanya 1/13/2021

Love it!

I bought it for myself to get back into the pool and do lap swimming. Keeps everything were its supposed to and its really comfortable to wear.

Sporti Women's L/S UPF 50+ Sport Fit Rash Guard
4 Review Stars By Cg 1/6/2021

Almost a 10

I bought this shirt to swim in for warmth and UV protection. So, it should be tight, hopefully have some warmth and yet be easy to move in. The body fit pretty well, the right size for me (5'7'' - 143lbs) XL. The arms were surprisingly loose given the tight body. These only got worse when I swam. Not sure if this kept me any warmer? That was a hope. But in general I think this is a decent rash guard, but arms too big. Probably added some decent drag to my lap time. But still a good item especially if you are just hoping for UV protection.


Full coverage swimwear is a great option if you want ultimate sun protection or if you choose not to bare all in your swimsuit.  High neck one piece suits keep your chest covered from harmful UV rays while long sleeve swimsuits protect your arms from harsh sunburns.  Full body swimwear, also known as unitards are cute and sporty swimsuits that offer more leg coverage than traditional swimwear.  

For more arm coverage, a rashguard is a great option for sun protection that can get wet and dry quickly.  We have long sleeve rashguards, short sleeve rashguards and even rashguard tanks so you can customize your coverage.  

If you're looking for modest, Islamic Swimwear, we have an assortment of hijab swimsuits for women from Splashgear.