Sporti Mesh Bag
5 Review Stars By SnapIntoSwimJim 2/20/2021

8 year old fits inside

A real Mandella affect. After purchasing, I see these things EVERYWHERE. Only drawback for me: so big! Had to tie a knot to shorten the rope so 8 year old wouldn’t drag it on the ground.

Sporti Mesh Bag
5 Review Stars By Esther 1/22/2021


Literally so nice and lasts for the longest ever. Unfortunately my previous grew mold due to being left in the locker room for months over quarantine but it was a perfect excuse to get a pink mesh bag :)

Sporti Mesh Bag
4 Review Stars By Ron 11/29/2020

Very good. A little big, but okay.

Just what I needed.

Sporti Mesh Bag
5 Review Stars By Judy 11/3/2020

Perfect bag

This bag is perfect for all my swim equipment! I keep it in the car & it dries out there because of the mesh bag! No lockers or showers at the pool yet!


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