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Triathlon Training Books

If you're new to triathlon, or want more information on one of its many aspects, consider investing in a triathlon training book. Some of these guides cover solely swimming, cycling, running, stretching or nutrition. Others focus on the race as a whole or racing itself, taking a broader approach. Others even provide specific workouts or training regimes for you to follow. 

Why bother with a book when you can find similar information from multiple sources on the internet? Having the facts you want on hand is always convenient, and our collection of resources has been created by professionals in the world of medicine and studies of bodily health as well as triathlon. Plus, when you reference where you gained some of your training techniques and ideas, you can easily pass on the information to an interested friend. 

Browse through our collection of triathlon training books for one or more subjects in your interest. These guides come from dependable publications like Velo Press, Human Kinetics, Random House and Trigger Point