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For more than a decade, sports like running and biking have had tools to help athletes track their accomplishments, understand their performance, and compare data with each other—but action sports haven’t had that. Action sport athletes have had no way of visualizing the best wave, charting their improvement, or seeing how they compare with each other. Until now. Until Trace.

Trace is focused on helping athletes improve their performance and make it so they’ll never have to edit a video again. Trace allows you to track all of your sessions, helping you become a better surfer, skier, or snowboarder. By analyzing all of your past sessions or comparing with your friends, Trace adds a unique element of motivation and camaraderie—called “The Trace Effect.” Editing video couldn’t be easier. Trace can automatically edit, color, &speed correct, overlay stats, and compile your footage, making it unique and easy to share.