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Every swimmer knows that personal care and recovery are a huge part of staying on top of your performance. Here at, we understand that swim conditioner is crucial for preserving your hair and making you feel fresh and revitalized after a race, practice, or workout. Understanding the effects of chlorine and how to prevent damage starts with a high quality shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner that's specifically designed to combat drying, discoloration, and irritation.

With the multiple formulas and solutions available on, you can be fully equipped to restore your hair to its natural condition and true color. For a tried and true classic that gives you the freshness and nourishment you need after any amount of chlorine exposure, UltraSwim Ultra Repair Conditioner is a best-seller and wildly popular for its legendary reputation. Looking for something more kid-friendly? Check out California Baby Hair Conditioner: Swimmer's Defense for a soothing, mild, and organic formula that works naturally. Give the gift of cleanliness for the swimmer in your family with packs like the TRISWIM Shampoo and Conditioner Set or the Reflect Sports Holiday Swim Gift Set.

We're stocked up on all the most reliable and well-known brands like UltraSwim, TriSwim, SwimSpray, Malibu C, Tim Swim, Reflect Sports, California Baby, and Zealios to provide you with a variety of effective conditioners to keep your hair luscious, fully moisturized, and looking great.