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Mack's Dry-n-Clear Ear Drying Aid
5 Review Stars By hstef 4/25/2021

Works well; nice size bottle

Rubbing alcohol is a tried and true inexpensive remedy for water in the ears. This also has glycerine, which I think makes it potentially less irritating. Seems to work fine and the dropper works well so that it is easy just to get a few drops in the ear.

Cressi Ultra Stretch Swim Fins Socks
4 Review Stars By Ellen 4/24/2021

Work well

The seams on these socks feel odd to me, but they work well to protect my feet and ankles from my rubbing from my fins.

Sporti Ear Plugs with String
5 Review Stars By Molli 4/22/2021

Ear Plugs with String

I wasn't sure if I would like this product but I am very pleased with it. I thought the string might be a problem but it didn't bother me at all. I like that it is also colored. I had brought clear earplugs before and almost lost them on the first day because I couldn't see them on a white surface. I also like the shape of the plugs themselves. My ears are small and the other shapes did not seal very well. These are easy to place in the ear. Out of the three ear plugs I bought, I would recommend these for anyone.

Body Glove Flipper Slipper 3MM Swim Fin Sock - Black - Large
5 Review Stars By Senior Swimmer 4/13/2021

THE best flipper sock, period!

The Body Glove neoprene flipper sock is simply the best. Fits snug to the foot - doesn''t get baggy or loose. One pair will generally last a full year at three workouts a week. If you do a lot of kick sets w/flippers (which I do), these flipper slippers are the best. Highly recommend.