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Keep your shoes in tip top shape with quality shoe cleaners and repair kits. Nobody likes that stinky gym shoe smell, which actually comes from growing bacteria. Most shoe cleaners target the bacteria at the source, eliminating them and odors. In addition, most are environmentally friendly and free of solvents.

Shoe repair kits extend the life of your shoe and put you in charge of maintenance—saving you money in the long run. Repair kits allow you to waterproof your shoe in a way that stays unaffected by heat or solvents. Instead of purchasing new shoes or going to a cobbler, you can reattach them yourself. Plus, some of the materials used can help absorb shock and add comfort to the shoe you wear.

Browse our selection of quality shoe cleaners and repair kits. Our products come from reliable brands Gear Aid, 2Toms, JAWS and M Essentials.