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Running belts and pouches serve two main purposes: storage and, in the case of races, a place to attach your bib number. Stiff bib numbers sometimes feel uncomfortable against tops, and if you’re participating in a triathlon, you might not wear a layer over your swimsuit. Plus, dealing with safety pins can be frustrating if you accidently poke yourself or become irritated if the number sits unevenly on your top. As far as storage goes, hidden short and shirt pockets can only go so far in terms of size and stretch. Lengthier runs start to require more fuel than ordinary pockets can handle.

Running belts and pouches with compartments are built to hold enough for you to get through the longest of running treks. They also close protectively and are sometimes equipped to store media safely. Some belts are simply made with toggles for attaching bib number in place of pins and t-shirts. Many come with reflective elements to increase visibility in lowlight settings.

Whatever kind of running belt you desire, whether more for food storage or attaching a bib number, we have options for you. Find belts specifically for racing, waist packs, pouches and even armbands. Browse through our selection of running belts and pouches from reliable brands like Amphipod, Nathan and Nike for a style you know you’ll love.