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SwimSpray Chlorine Removal Spray 4 fl oz - Questions & Answers

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01/11/2021 does it eliminate clorine from your hair? Edit
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Yes, it is made to remove chlorine from your hair. 

Answered by on 01/11/2021
12/02/2019 How is this product different than using TRI swim shampoo/conditioner & lotion ? Thanks! Edit
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400x more effective than traditional anti-chlorine soaps and shampoos for hair and skin.

Vitamin C – SwimSpray uses a patent-pending vitamin C technology to immediately neutralize the chlorine on your body –eliminating the residual chlorine that can damage and irritate your hair and skin.

Hair and skin – SwimSpray is the first product that completely removes chlorine from your hair and skin.

Soft and moisturized hair – SwimSpray prevents discoloration and leave your hair sift and moisturized.

Soothed skin – SwimSpray keeps your skin from drying out and becoming itchy or irritated.

100% natural – Swimspray is 100% natural, fragrance free, sulfate free and free from artificial colors.

Answered by on 12/24/2019
05/29/2019 Could you leave the Spray in your hair without washing- I’m thinking about my children who sometimes practice twice a day, and usually don’t want to shower twice a day! Edit
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Chlorine bonds to the hair and skin, leaving a film of “bleach” covering the body, causing dry, itchy, and irritated skin and dry, crunchy, and discolored hair. The Swim spray acts to unbond the Chlorine from the hair and skin. It still needs to be rinsed off. They need to shower to rinse of Chlorine.

Answered by on 05/29/2019
04/26/2019 Can U ship these items to Malaysia. SWIM SPRAY ORDERS Edit
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At this time we are unable to Bill or Ship to Malaysia. 

Answered by on 04/26/2019
11/26/2017 Does Swim Spray help to remove bromine? Edit
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Yes, swim spray will help removed bromine.

Answered by on 11/30/2017
07/27/2017 Is this product gluten-free? Edit
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This product contains only water and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), however we cannot guarantee that no cross-contamination could have occurred during the manufacturing process.

Answered by on 07/27/2017
02/23/2017 can this be use on face Edit
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The SwimSpray Chlorine Removal Spray 4 fl oz can be used on the face.

Answered by on 02/27/2017
11/22/2016 If to get chlorine out of hair you should spray in before shampooing, how do you address getting it off the skin every where else on the body? Edit
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When I get out of the pool, I get my hair wet in the shower, turn off the water, and spray the product in my hair and on my body by spraying it on my arms, legs, etc. For example, I spray 4-5 sprays from my shoulder down to my hand, and then I spread the product over the rest of my arm like lotion-this helps so that I am not using to much of the Swim Spray. I do the same thing everywhere else. Then I turn the water on again, apply my shampoo and soap as normal. You can apply this with or without your swimsuit on. It just depends on how you rinse off.

Answered by Sheri on 11/24/2016
08/21/2016 Do you spray in your hair before or after swimming? Edit
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It is recommended to spray the SwimSpray Chlorine Removal Spray after you swim and rinse off but before you shampoo your hair.

Answered by on 08/22/2016
06/17/2016 I have developed a pretty bad chlorine rash swimming laps. Will SwimSpray heal the skin rash? Or must I stay away from the pool to allow my skin to heal and then use SwimSpray as prevention for chlorine rash in the future? Edit
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Your skin rash is likely caused by continual exposure to chlorine. Chlorine bonds to your hair and skin while you swim and does not wash away easily once you get out. So you have a layer of bleach on you for hours or days, even when you're not in the pool. This chlorine continues to "bleach" your skin. SwimSpray removes this residual chlorine, minimizing your exposure to chlorine and giving your skin a chance to return to normal. You should be able to continue to swim while using SwimSpray. It may take days to weeks for your skin to gradually heal, however.

Answered by Peter on 06/24/2016
05/16/2016 If I use swim spray do I need to use chloring removing shampoos and conditioners? Edit
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No, SwimSpray is a chlorine removal so there is no need to use chlorine removing shampoos and conditioners.

Answered by on 05/28/2016
04/21/2016 what's in it?? Edit
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Water, Vitamin C (As Sodium Ascorbate and Ascorbic Acid)

Answered by on 05/03/2016