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Sporti Long Hair Multi Silicone Swim Cap - Questions & Answers

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08/08/2019 Does this cap keep long hair dry? Edit
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Unfortunately, no cap will keep your hair completely dry. Swim caps are designed to create less resistance in the water as well as to keep the hair out of your face while swimming. Layering a latex cap on top of a silicone cap may keep a little more water out than usual. You may also want to put a thin layer of Vaseline around the inner rim of the cap to help create a better seal. However, we are not able to guarantee either method will work for certain.


Read more about how to choose a swim cap in our product guides here: 

Answered by on 08/08/2019
03/26/2018 I have long and very thick hair and the traditional swim silicone caps are way too tight! and now I use swim-buds in my ears to listen to music. Is this the best cap for me? Edit
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A long hair silicone cap like this will work great!

Answered by on 03/29/2018
08/05/2016 My 23 year old daughter has a larger head than most. Is this cap recommended for a bigger head? Edit
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I have a larger head than most, and curly hair down to my hips. If it wasn't going to fit on someone, it wouldn't fit on me. This cap works wonderfully.

Answered by Elena on 02/07/2018
08/01/2016 Can you tell me what the difference is between this item #8132596 and Item# 7535890. They are both Sporti brand long hair silicone caps? Thanks! Edit
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The difference is item number 8132596 is available in bold colors and item number 7535890 is available in standard colors.

Answered by on 09/04/2015