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Speedo Women's PowerFLEX Eco Solid Super Pro One Piece Swimsuit - Questions & Answers

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04/10/2019 Does the color fade? I swim in a saltwater indoor pool and the color of another suit started fading on the first swim. My navy suit is now gray and pinkish after 5 months of swimming Edit
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This suit's color will hold up longer with its material Xtra Life™ Lycra. We recommend a 100% color-fast suit such as the TYR Phoenix Splice Diamondfit.

Answered by on 04/12/2019
11/19/2018 need more colors in this great suit! Anytime soon? Edit
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These are the only colors we are carrying at this time, we do apologize! 

Answered by on 11/20/2018
09/07/2018 Hi, been a while since I got a new suit, broke my back and am paralyzed 20 yrs, torso short and do I measure for torso, looks like i need a 28 or 30,,,, I am 52, have not worn a 28 since in high school..but thin, need stomach support due to paralyzed stomach muscles and self conssience Edit
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To get Torso measurement, start from the high point of your shoulder (between your neck base and shoulder joint) over the fullest part of your bust, through your legs and up your back to the starting point. Then compare it to the size chart for this item.

Answered by on 09/07/2018
03/20/2018 Does this swimsuit have a bra? Edit
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No, but this is fully lined.

Answered by on 03/20/2018
08/03/2017 Two questions: Currently have this suit in a women's size 8. II am 4'11. From the size chart, I would wear a Large, but the torso seems too long for me. Is a large comparable to a size 8? t also has an aqua form bra. 2. Does this suit have a bra shelf? Edit
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Sizing for each item will vary from brand to brand and often depend on the style and materials. We recommend you to take your chest, waist, hip and torso measurement and then compare them to the sizing chart here to find a proper fit. This item is a competition swimsuit so it doesn't have any type of bra in it.

Answered by on 08/08/2017
04/28/2016 Can anyone tell me if this is lined in the behind...? Edit
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It is fully lined front and back.

Answered by on 05/12/2016