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Arena Women's Master MaxLife Sporty Thin Strap Racer Back One Piece Swimsuit - Questions & Answers

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08/23/2019 Will you be receiving more stock in the color leaf in a 34. Edit
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Hi! The color leaf size 34 is on its way, Arriving Week of 09/03/2019. You may put your email address to receive a notification once it arrives through this link:

Answered by on 08/25/2019
05/16/2018 I wear a 36 in Sporti suits by swim outlet . Does Arena fit the same Edit
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Sizing for each item will vary from brand to brand and often depend on the style and materials.
My best advice when choosing a size is to compare your measurements to the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer for each product you are interested in. Often customers will wear multiple sizes in different styles and/or brands.

You can see the sizing chart by clicking on the BLUE letters that say "View Sizing Chart". This is found just above the sizes available on the product's page.

Answered by on 05/17/2018
11/13/2017 Is this suit approved for high school competitions? I saw that a similar suit (Molly) was not approved because of logo size. Edit
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This suit would also NOT be approved for high school competitions due to the logo size.

Answered by on 11/14/2017
01/16/2017 What is different with size 28 and 28L? Edit
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There is about a 1.5" - 2" difference in measurements all around for between the 28 and 28L.  You can view the measurements for each in the size chart.,9326,9327,9328&productcode=39356&sizechartid=2361

Answered by on 01/18/2017