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Arena Women's Powerskin ST Classic Tech Suit Swimsuit
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Arena Women's Powerskin Carbon Duo Tech Suit Swimsuit Top
$174.99 - $250.00$250.00
Arena Girls' Powerskin R-EVO Classic Tech Suit Swimsuit
$119.99 - $150.00$150.00
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Arena POWERSKIN Carbon Pro

You train. You work. You strain, and you stretch. You expect a suit that does all of this, and more. That's why Arena is proud to introduce the world's most advanced racing suit, the Arena POWERSKIN Carbon Pro.

The Carbon Pro maximizes your performance with its breakthrough technology combining the benefits of compression - providing support where you need it most - with the freedom of elasticity.

Why Do I Need Compression?

Compression in a competition suit provides increased support, efficiency and power, but too much compression can have a restricting effect on movement. The swimmer in motion is also a dynamic form with complex requirements for support and compression. How can you get more of the benefits of compression without its drawbacks?

The answer is Carbon.

Arena has delivered a breakthrough solution to achieve the benefits of compression by incorporating carbon fiber in the weave of the POWERSKIN Carbon Pro fabric. Known for its unique structural and mechanical properties, Carbon fiber locks down when and where a critical stretch level is reached, while retaining the suit's elasticity. This delivers a ramp-up in compression on those specific overextended zones, while increasing support and control where and when they are needed - all without detracting from the swimmer's mobility.

The Magic Behind The Material: Carbon

Carbon fiber is made up of very thin strands of Carbon - even thinner than human hair. Carbon is five times as strong as steel and twice as stiff, yet weighs about two-thirds less.

In collaboration with Kinetech Labs, Arena has developed a unique, top performing and powerful fabric by weaving elastomer yarns across a special carbon grid. The strength and stiffness of the carbon threads serve as a protective web that regulates stretching by stiffening the fabric once a critical stress level is reached, thus preventing uneven stress damage. The ability of our suit to support and control the human body in the high performance world of competitive swimming is nothing short of thrilling. The POWERSKIN Carbon Pro's revolutionary technology is approved by both FINA and USA Swimming.

POWERSKIN Carbon Pro: Benefits
  • Intelligent Muscle Compression:

    In collaboration with the Kinetech Labs, Arena has developed a unique, top performing and powerful fabric, in which yarns of stretch fabric are woven across a special net entirely made of Carbon. This protective grid regulates stretching and stiffens when the fabric reaches a critical stress level. Stiff, strong Carbon fiber combined with high-stretch fabric 'lock-out' when a critical stretch level is reached. This maximizes compression on over-extended zones, increasing support and control where needed.

  • Power Return Construction:

    Strategic placement of internal tapes and low profile bonded seams ensure maximum power out of dives and turns while ensuring an unprecedented fit and a free and easy feeling against the skin. Internal tapes on the legs aid 'spring back' action following each kick and turn. These tapes also assist with stretching prior to a race, providing the wearer with more energy through the toughest final moments of their swim. Internal tapes placed at key areas provide maximum power out of dives and turns. Optimum fit and freedom of movement remain at all times.

  • Improved Surface Integrity

    The Carbon-Pro's high-performance woven fabric (190g/sqm) reinforced with Carbon fiber delivers the ultimate strength-to-weight ratio for combined speed and power. The superior strength of this fabric translates into a strong suit, with less chance of tearing or damage that can result from extreme stretching while putting the suit on. Preservation of the integrity of the suit's surface in turn minimizes drag and optimizes water repellency.

  • Minimum surface drag
  • Ultimate drag reduction
  • Water repellent coating
  • Low profile bonded seams

Feel As Good As You Look:
  • Prior to the Race:

    The integrated Carbon threads ensure a stronger, more powerful fabric. The suit is able to withstand more handling and stretch - with reduced chance of tear , creating a stronger suit in and out of the water. Carbon fibers help neutralize electrostatic discharge which can harm your muscles when outside the water.

  • On The Blocks:

    POWERSKIN Carbon Pro endures stretch while remaining comfortable against the skin and uses intelligent compression for maximum support and control.

  • In The Water:

    The POWERSKIN Carbon Pro allows for maximum compression on over-extended zones, increasing support and control when needed in the water. Intelligent placement of internal tapes provide power return during kicks and turns.

  • FINA approved.
  • USA Swimming approved.