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Wet Products Bodyboard 41

Wet Products Bodyboard 41" w/ Leash (B Series) Reviews

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  • 7/31/2017 "Assorted Product"

    1 Review stars By Captain Red Beard

    Looked at 6 shops in person, and a few more online before finding this board; and I live in San diego, I had choices.

    Didn't like anything I was finding, and i fell in love with this palm tree + vintage wagon design and immediate bought it.
    Buying this on mobile, it says "assorted" under design options, but only shows the vintage car + palm tree design. I even looked up just the brand name here on the site, to see if they had any other designs I might like, which I was not finding (except solid colors), and assumed this was the only design available (common for other sites).

    When the board arrived, it was an ugly pirate surfing what my husband called "a massive period wave" of red ocean background. I asked about exchanging for the board I had intended to purchase, and was told that I could not be guaranteed the board I wanted, even if i called the warehouse myself to check if they had them in stock. I asked about returning it to try my luck elsewhere, and was told I would have to pay for the return, which would end up being more than I paid for the board. The board was bad enough, the customer service and return process was bad enough to force me to leave a review everywhere I could about how unsatisfied i was with an insane pirate surfing a massive wave a menstrual fluid showing up at my door.

    I threw the board in the trash. Considered leaving it at the beach as a "finders keepers" but no one is crazy enough to want that monstrosity. I'm not sure who the designer was, who approved it or why, and I'm not sure why swim outlet bought it.

    Swimoutlet needs to make better decisions about their design purchases in the future. Some updating to the return policy and mobile (and desktop) product viewing would be nice too.

    Too long didn't read; tried buying cute hipster boogie board, got insane pirate surfing a period gush instead.

    Captain Red Beard
    San diego


  • 7/13/2019 wrong design

    3 Review stars By punkie

    ordered two bodyboards but neither came with the design shown in the ad!!
    the design was the main reason i ordered two! design received is very COMMON-i could have gotten the same for less in Daytona Beach.
    tried to add a photo, but it wouldn't allow it

    hillsborough, nc


  • 8/21/2009 Bought six

    3 Review stars By Paul D.

    I live on Seabrook Beach NH. We have a smooth sand beach. The first day we used them two developed rips on the bottom. The fabric on the boards wrinkled on all six. I hope they last a few more weeks of summer. To correct info below -- I live in Andover Ma but also have a beach house at Seabrook Beach NH

    Paul D.
    Andover, MA


  • 8/5/2009 You get what you pay for

    3 Review stars By LEANNE P.

    I wish i could have picked the design i was recieving - my young boys fought over who got which one the whole way to the beach. And while I was using one of the boards and wave flipped me bending the board.. so i will say - they are not the quality led to believe by discription posted. However - for the money - they were good and we have had fun... but! will be buying new ones for next summer - better quality to last!



  • 5/29/2019 Board received did not look like the one pictrured.

    1 Review stars By Dana Moran

    Did not like this board. They sent the wrong board and have not tried to correct the problem.

    Dana Moran
    Winfield, Alabama


  • 9/5/2017 Broke within the first 30 minutes of use

    1 Review stars By Caren W.

    Save your money and but a nice board. This thing broke in half as soon as we got in the water.

    Caren W.
    Temecula, CA


  • 8/28/2017 Perfect for youngin's just starting!

    5 Review stars By Surf Dad

    Light enough for 5-7 yr olds to manage and study enough for them not to break it immediately. My kids LOVE these and for the price, they cannot be beat.

    Surf Dad
    Los Angeles


  • 8/19/2017 Great item and proce

    5 Review stars By alie

    Great item was big enough for my godson, and I bought a second one for me

    new jersey


  • 7/18/2017 Not what I expected

    1 Review stars By Not happy

    I will preface with saying I made my order on line.

    While it says "assorted" the customer does not have an option of seeing their possible options. At least not on mobile.

    I went to 4 stores in person, and 6 different websites, looking for an adult body board.

    I found this board with the palm trees and vintage car and fell in love with it. When it arrived, it was some cheesy pirate on a surfboard. No option of receiving the one pictures (even if i did the leg work of making calls myself), and they wanted me to pay them to return it.

    I understand what assorted means. But the makers of this website need to allow customers to see their other options before spending money. When you only present me with one image, I expect that image. I was even willing to call the warehouse, do extra foot work, pay extra for this particular board, whatever I needed to do, to no avail.

    Unsatisfied, will not recommended.

    Not happy
    San diego


  • 1/17/2017 Received wrong one will try ordering again wasn't happy

    5 Review stars By Angee

    Received wrong boards wasn't happy



  • 9/21/2016 Exactly what I ordered

    5 Review stars By Sunshine1521

    We have only used these once, but they seem great! I had some specific requests of customer service that were perfectly executed. I appreciate the helpful service and follow through that SwimOutlet provided. I will definitely continue to shop with these folks.

    Miami Beach, FL


  • 8/15/2016 Not as shown in photo :-(

    3 Review stars By pool guy

    Board is fine, but not the design shown in photo when I ordered. The same design with the "woodie" wagon keeps showing up on the website, but I got a different design, which I am not happy about!

    pool guy
    Phoenix, AZ


  • 7/20/2016 Great boogie board

    4 Review stars By Franny

    Ordered three of these boogie boards for a Florida vacation. They were a great price and worked and held up well. We got three different designs and liked all of them. They were used by teens and adults and were a perfect size.



  • 9/24/2009 I Will Be Using You Again!

    5 Review stars By Vicki

    Excellent product for the price. I use it to take my dog in the pool. Love the sunshine cover on it & it seems very durable. Like I said I will do business whith you again, Thanks!



  • 8/6/2020 Slow to Deliver but Quick to Refund

    2 Review stars By KLM

    I ordered this item for a vacation, with plenty of time for standard delivery. Delivery was slow, and I departed before the item arrived. I was unable to use it, and never took it out of the box. Fortunately, customer service at SwimOutlet made the return/refund easy.



  • 7/27/2020 Poor quality

    2 Review stars By Shad

    As advertised cheap. Don’t expect it to do anything other than float.

    Santa Rosa


  • 7/7/2020 Good Boogie Board

    4 Review stars By Jackie26

    This boogie board is good for adults, even shorter adults. I was disappointed that I couldn't select the design I really wanted; they just sent one and it wasn't really my first choice design. It's not super but good for the price.



  • 7/18/2019 Bodyguard 41" w/ Leash

    5 Review stars By Tina

    Broad smile and an excited phone call were my, "Thank you!"

    Watertown, TN


  • 6/24/2019 Good product, quick shipping

    5 Review stars By JD

    Items arrived quickly and were enjoyed by the kids at the beach.



  • 4/21/2018 Very satsified!

    5 Review stars By kldice

    We received our bodyboards, but haven't used them yet.
    They look really neat!
    We have four kids and we didn't even ask for different designs, but they sent us all different ones.
    Very nice of them to do that!
    Also we had an issue with shipping to the address we had provided and they called us and got it all situated.
    We hope they will last since we haven't used them yet.
    My kids are looking forward to riding some waves!

    Maryville, TN


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