TYR Z-100 Stopwatch Reviews
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TYR Z-100 Stopwatch

TYR Z-100 Stopwatch Reviews

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4.5 star rating (27 Reviews)

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  • 11/10/2012 easy to use stopwatch!

    5 Review stars By Darlinn

    I reallly like this watch, it does all the splits and everything for you when timing swimmers or anyone. No math required! Its also waterproof so if it drops in no big deal.

    Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia


  • 8/5/2011 TYR Z - 100 Swim Stopwatch

    5 Review stars By Ken

    After reading other reviews I decided on this watch. Big numbers, easy to use, fits well in my hand. I would recommend this to anyone entering the swim game to track your childs progress. Thanks.

    Amityville, NY


  • 3/8/2017 Love the 3-line display

    5 Review stars By Mfkelley

    I bought this stopwatch to time my daughter in distance events. It has enough memory to recall all the 50 splits. I really like how the 3-line display shows the most recent split, the cumulative time up to the last split and the running time for the event. This helps me give her feedback during the swim when I'm doing lap counting. The stroke rate feature is interesting but I think it would be better if it let you count strokes over a whole 25yards or 50 meters rather than just calculating based on 3 strokes.

    Albuquerque, NM


  • 12/7/2014 Great stop watch

    4 Review stars By Coach

    works very well, able to read splits while clock still and easy to use and read.

    Phila, Pa


  • 9/3/2017 Keep it dry!!!

    1 Review stars By maxthrottle

    Fell in the water died within minutes.  Only went down about a foot.

    Fairfax county. Va


  • 11/4/2016 A Great Coaching Watch

    5 Review stars By Lifetime Fitness South Austin

    TYR's best product.

    Lifetime Fitness South Austin
    Austin, TX

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 7/28/2015 Excellent timepiece

    5 Review stars By Steve C.

    Used to time swim meets; it fits perfectly in hand and buttons are firm and positioned on the device to minimize an inadvertent press....couldn't be more satisfied.

    Steve C.


  • 5/6/2015 TYR Stopwatch

    4 Review stars By truk150

    I like the simplicity of the stopwatch.

    Central Valley


  • 2/7/2015 TYR Z-100 StopWatch

    5 Review stars By Greenview Dolphins

    The main reason I purchase was it helps me in keeping splits, laps, times. The watch keeps time very well.

    Greenview Dolphins
    Columbia, SC


  • 11/18/2014 Great Watch

    5 Review stars By Gary

    I am a coach and love how easy this watch is to use and operate. Great for getting splits and stroke rates.

    Oro Valley, AZ


  • 1/4/2014 Awesome stopwatch!

    5 Review stars By Kim

    This is a great stopwatch, especially for taking splits.  My daughter swims the 500 free and I use this stopwatch so she can see her splits after each race. It's easy to use and read.



  • 1/5/2013 great product

    5 Review stars By beth coronel

    love that this watch gives us the splits we need without figuring them out...able to give our swimmers more feedback on their races. easy to use.

    beth coronel
    brecksville, oh


  • 8/24/2012 Excellent stopwatch

    4 Review stars By mart1158

    I have been coaching swimming for about 10 years and have used many stopwatches. That being said, this is the third one of this particular model that I've purchased. I love it.

    For lack of a more intellectual term, the buttons push well, and don't double click, the display face is very easy to read, and it has all the functions that I could ever need in a stopwatch.

    The only things that I might count as cons (and thus the 4-star rating) are that the beep when you push a button is sort of irritating to me, and water droplets tend to accumulate under the face.

    That being said, I have never had an issue with this model of stopwatch, and I don't anticipate there ever being one. Highly recommend.

    Madison, WI


  • 4/21/2011 my first stopwatch

    4 Review stars By Ann

    Compared to stopwatches that I've used at meets:  very good quality, feels like will last, I use it coaching swim practices, easy to use, no problems



  • 3/9/2011 Perfect

    5 Review stars By Kevin S.

    I coach high school as well as summer clubs, and this watch is perfect for getting mulitple splits.  I love the recall of individual splits.  My swimmers always ask what were my splits the instant they get out of the water, and this recalls them with a few button pushes.  It holds up to 100 splits.  I was breaking 500 yard swims down by the 25's for some kids.  I now own several.

    Kevin S.
    Paducah, KY


  • 2/9/2011 TYR Stopwatch

    5 Review stars By J. Kowalski

    Great features, I love this watch!!

    J. Kowalski
    Rio Rancho, NM


  • 10/3/2010 works great

    5 Review stars By Coach S.

    I'm a HS swim coach and am working with my kids to get their splits more even.  My asst coach (a newbie) had no trouble using this watch and it's got a great, easy to see read out.   We've been using it for 2 months and have had no issues with it.

    Coach S.


  • 4/20/2010 Great Coaching Watches

    5 Review stars By Paul Y.

    They are all I use

    Paul Y.
    Decatur, IL


  • 2/25/2010 Nice Watch

    5 Review stars By vm

    Responds well to start/stop/split/reset.  Easy to use.

    New Jersey


  • 2/15/2010 Very happy with purchase.

    4 Review stars By LD

    Love it!  As a new coach I have found it easy to use, display is good, and weight and button positions make it comfortable in my hand.



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